Published by Mousumi Saha on 27th Feb, 2020
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 A recent news article published serious concern about child protection and it was stated that a written advisory would be sent to various schools regarding the behavioural issues of children. The sensitiveness of the aforesaid issue is a pandemic concern. The young, naïve, minds of adolescence face crisis amidst the overwhelming pressures of academics, failure in career aspirations and disturbance, discontent at home. All of these glaring problems has resulted instances of suicide, substance abuse and diverse mental health issues, in spite of the stupendous achievement in lifestyle pattern. ‘Is our Children really protected?’ a query which has stirred the minds of parents and mentors.

A child needs to be delicately nurtured in all spheres- a happy home with strong inter personal relationship among parents fosters joyfulness in the child too paving for a brighter future, an educational institution must develop holistic development inclusive of co curricular activities, games, art and music. Proper grooming must be incorporated with moral values and encouragement of creative skills. It is time that parent realize that it is not expensive gifts but planned holidays, verbal communication are true treasures to be showered on them. The facilitators at school are now mentors to impart care, support, love instead of criticism, rebuke and reprimand. It is only when a child is protected in the cocoon of love and care, we would see them fluttering with joy to make this world a happier place to live in.



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Mousumi Saha
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