Published by Mousumi Saha on 27th Feb, 2020
Last updated on 27th Mar, 2023

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The current scenario for one of the most noble professions, ie. teaching, is no more restricted to classrooms. The socio economic changes has made the task more tedious. As mentors, we inculcate ethical values and critical thinking abilities in our learners, but in reality the applicability of the aforesaid abilities creates dilemma in various situations. Analysis of real life situations, decision making strategies should be an important criteria while imparting knowledge rather than simply elaborating and explanation of accumulated data. Diverse problems related to the economy, politics the social structure, the environmental hazards, should be addressed as learners will face it in the future.  To survive and adapt in the harshness of the surroundings, which are threatened with disruptive forces against safety, stability and development; children must develop practical, logical and analytical mind-set.  In spite of the tasks of completion of syllabus, evaluation, and constant endeavour to improve the achievement level of the students, the guiding principle for teachers is to prepare them for the future.   Engage in active conversation with parents and wards, include hand-on-activities, showcase talents for motivation, encourage group discussions, field trips. Survival does not mean financial stability only, it incorporates mental strength too, and who better can equip them with proper life skills than us?




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Mousumi Saha
Author : Mousumi Saha
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