The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has been the School Board of choice in West Bengal and North East for a very long time. And as a logical corollary, there are many schools, including many new ones, desirous of getting affiliation to the Council.

The ASISC in West Bengal and North East has been a direct beneficiary of this welcome trend. However, what augments this interest is the proactive role played by the Regional Association in reaching out to all our members, old and new. Many schools can keep up with the dynamism of the Council thanks to the Association. Many issues of importance are discussed and many good practices shared, formally and sometimes less so, in our meetings and conferences. Our Literary Contests are also occasions where students of member schools get a chance to showcase their  talents.
The new and modern website is a welcome addition to this outreach effort. We hope its friendliness and features enhance our endeavours. We earnestly look forward to all members contributing to it.

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