Mr. Rupendra Mukhia



Mr. Rupendra Mukhia is a seasoned educationist, currently serving as Principal at THE SCHOLAR in Uttar Dinajpur, is an alumnus of St. Robert’s & St. Joseph’s College North Point, Darjeeling. He holds Master Degree in Commerce with Bachelor Degree in Education. His serious contribution in the field of education goes beyond two decades. He is known for his creative and effective thinking in any organization he is associated with.

Under his able guidance The Scholar got permanent affiliation and also got upgraded to ISC. Every year his school is producing outstanding board results with notable achievements of his students in public examinations like UPSC, NEET, JEE etc. The school holds the record of producing the first IAS from the district and serves as the biggest educational brand in the town.

Besides his association as a notable academician, he has a great knowledge and inclination towards the sports arena. He himself as a disciplined sportsperson during his days, holds a Black Belt Degree in Karate and many National and International medals under his belt. He holds the experience of training Uniform Service Personnel as a fitness expert.

Presently he is working as a Treasurer of ICSE Schools Association of North Bengal region. He is also associated with different organizations for Teachers’ Training, students’ and parents’ counselling. He is also an active member in his Church and associated with copious philanthropic activities.

During his illustrious career he is awarded with many awards from numerous organizations. Besides being a passionate educator, he is also a humble and helpful person with strict discipline about life activities and human values.